This is the first generic film on Kingfishers, specifically the Mangrove Kingfisher. (White Collard Kingfisher). It covers its life and breeding behaviour in the mangroves of Khor Kalba, United Arab Emirates. This a detailed study, painstakingly filmed over 12 hours a day for 6 months.

In short, the Jewel of the Mangroves is an Internationally multi-award winning film. When filming at Kalba, there is a BUG called the Noseum (No see them), they are so tiny that you can’t see them, but can guess their presence, when you are bitten. The nasty bug causes itching and hives, which show-up after two days lasting for two days of itching and sleepless nights. Creams and anti-histamine provide short relief, before the effects wear off. The “Jewel of the Mangroves” was filmed over a period of six months during the Arabian Summer, which averages 42/ 52ºC in the open. It was filmed four to five days a week, every month for six months, and I was bit bitten every day. Yusuf filmed alone and produced it as an Independent.

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