Abu Dhabi - Home of the Legendary Mermaid
This film is based on the research conducted by EAD (Environment Agency Abu Dhabi) and the subsequent conservation effort in order to protect and preserve the habitat, and the Dugong population in the waters of UAE. The project was started in 1996 and continues to this day. This film brings to light not only the work done by EAD, but explains in detail the Dugong Anatomy and Behavior with fantastic High Definition footage of the Dugongs filmed in the wild. Dugongs are extremely shy and secretive animals, and it’s very rare to have an encounter with one, at sea. Thus, this film serves as an excellent medium to educate the general public in the Gulf and Worldwide about Dugongs, and the need to protect its habitat, in order to ensure the survival of this elusive animal, The Legendary Mermaid.

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