Visual Effects & Productions is a 16 year old company based in Dubai and headed by Yusuf Thakur, a qualified filmmaker, with a degree in Film Direction. He has been producing films across the gamut from Television Commercials, Tele-serials, Music Videos and the most fulfilling for the last twenty years are Wildlife/Nature Documentaries. Till date, VFX has produced ten Wildlife/Nature documentaries. Our latest is a series of 45mins X 3 films, based on the Wildlife and Environment of this region. Filming for which has been completed and the series are in the final stages of post-production. In 2010, we completed “RAK-Tree of Life”, which presents Five Trees; their environment, flora & fauna, and its part played in the life, heritage, and culture of people of UAE.

Other recent films are, “Bu Tinah”, a nomination film for the New Seven Wonders of the World, then the “Tracking Mermaids” and “Abu Dhabi – Home of the Legendary Mermaids”, both are based on Dugongs found in the waters of UAE.

Our past wildlife/nature documentaries have won awards at Jackson Hole, IWFF Montana, and Earth-vision.

We would like to produce, work, collaborate, co-produce films on Conservation- Wildlife, and children's based Nature Programs. Specifically work on films based on the Middle-East, and the Indian Subcontinent. previous films have been based on Birds, Dugongs, Islands, Mangroves and Deserts. Also, we would love to work with Broadcasters on co-productions and collaborate with all who share a passion for the Natural World.
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